Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hunting Boot

Whilst looking for good hunting boot, the first thing you need to figure out is the weather and location. There are many types of boots available, but their use varies accordingly. If you are heading off to rainy area, it’s better to choose the rubber boots, so that your feet remain dry for a longer period of time.… Read More »

How to Travel In India on Budget?

The India which owns exciting history is admired by the people around the world as the most desirable travel destination. Rich culture, delicious food, and arguably the most beautiful places make this independent country the choice of travel lovers. The young blood and the mediocre that are still dreaming to explore their own country but fails each time… Read More »

5 Best Mobile Workforce Management App for Android Phone

Mobile workforce management software is a term to describe the use of technology to manage and monitor teams of mobile workers. These digital systems replace many of the management tasks which previously relied on paperwork and manual processes. Mobile Workforce Management – Android Apps Employee scheduling, task monitoring, policy compliance and customer feedback are just some of the… Read More »

Nokia 105 and Nokia 130 feature Phones launched in India

Nokia launched two entry-level features phones – the Nokia 105 and Nokia 130. Both features phones have upgraded designs, and run on Nokia S30+ platform. The new Nokia 105’s single-SIM variant is priced at Rs 999, while its dual-SIM variant will cost Rs 1149. It will start selling in the country, starting July 19.  The new Nokia 130… Read More »