Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hunting Boot

By | July 13, 2018

Whilst looking for good hunting boot, the first thing you need to figure out is the weather and location. There are many types of boots available, but their use varies accordingly.

Best Hunting Boots 2018

If you are heading off to rainy area, it’s better to choose the rubber boots, so that your feet remain dry for a longer period of time.

Similarly, if you are headed off to some hilly area where you have got to do a lot of hacking and chasing to do, you should get yourself the boots that support the back of your foot and are light weighted. The type of boost also varies according to the type of hunting you are going for.

Here are some tips for you for choosing the perfect hunting boots.

Summer season

Hunting in summer is not easy. You keep on sweating and might as well become dehydrated. For such extreme weather condition, it is recommended to dress up in lightweight and airy clothes.

The same thing goes for the boots too. Especially, if you’re going for static hunting, you might have to wait for several hours before your prey arrives. Waiting can be exhausting, and you might get frustrated easily.

Winter season

In winter it usually gets snowy, and the temperature falls to threatening level. For such conditions, it is recommended to get the boots which have good insulation, that should keep you warm and dry.

If you are not protected enough, it might be a treat to your health, when you are out there, you can get frozen to death.

Choose what fits you the best

If your boots are not supportive enough, they will become a problem instead of protecting your feet. When you go out to shop, choose what fit you the best. Usually hunting socks are thicker than regular socks, so if she fits with regular socks on, it is going to become tighter with hunting socks.

It is recommended to either take the hunting socks with you or choose the shoe one or two sizes bigger. Do not hurry while making the decision, wear the pair and take a walk, sit in it for a couple of minutes, then take a walk again. If you are satisfied, then buy the shoes.


Hunting boots can be twice the price if regular boots, make sure they are worth it. It is not like you are going to be using them all the time. You will be needing them after weeks, sometimes after years. even if you try them after a whole season, they should still serve you.

Check the sole of the boots, it should be strong enough to be used on rough rocks and land. Soft sole shoes provide good grip but they are not durable, they worn time soon. If you are going on a wild track, they are not recommended.

Hard sole shoes are specifically designed for the rough tracks, even if you encounter big rocks or thorns, they will stay the same. The can become a problem in case of rain and snow, as the tracts become slippery and they do not have much friction.

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