5 Best Mobile Workforce Management App for Android Phone

By | July 30, 2017

Mobile workforce management software is a term to describe the use of technology to manage and monitor teams of mobile workers. These digital systems replace many of the management tasks which previously relied on paperwork and manual processes.

Mobile Workforce Management – Android Apps

Mobile Workforce Management App

Employee scheduling, task monitoring, policy compliance and customer feedback are just some of the feature offered by mobile workforce management systems. Put simply, it allows your office and mobile workers to become more connected and allows your managers to manage again.

Find Mobile Workforce Management App provides a real-time, end-to-end enterprise solution, enabling utilities to achieve maximum visibility, control, and performance of field resources.

Why use a Mobile Workforce Management App?

Integrating a mobile app allows employees to access company information remotely, and even better, it lets them update and add information from their remote location. Real time collaboration means that work gets done efficiently. Employees can complete daily tasks seamlessly no matter where their day takes them.

Another benefit is the efficiency these apps can lead to scheduling, thus making cohesion across the team much easier. They allow for integration of automatic push notifications and reminders to keep employees informed and on schedule.

Have all your information in one place

  • Paper. Spreadsheets. Emails. Texts. Filing cabinets. Post. Calendars.
  • Managing mobile workers is hard enough, without adding different methods of communication into the mix.
  • MyMobileWorkers keeps jobs organized. Jobs are created, sent and invoiced all through one system.
  • Need to see job information? Just type in the job number or customer and instantly see all the jobs for that location.
  • With these ideas in mind, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite apps for the management of the mobile workforce.

1) Meldium is a must for any business with a mobile workforce. The password management system makes it easy to share access to company apps and software without sharing passwords — and that makes it safe. The tool makes it super simple to log into your apps without having to remember or write down passwords. Plus, you can add new hires with one click.

2) Kronos workforce management software lets companies manage scheduling, hiring, human resources, payroll, time, attendance, and more in one place. It includes a mobile application that allows you to easily create and edit schedules on your mobile device.

3) myGeotracking works on all phones and all carriers, with or without an app. Its main function is to enable managers to keep track of employee locations, making communication more efficient. With a whole suite of apps to choose from like remote access to reports and field communication tools, the tool helps to increase productivity across the board.

Mobile Workforce Management Software

4) BambooHR is a complete HR suite which is web-based and accessible anywhere. The service makes it easy to automate cumbersome HR related processes such as logging and approving time off requests, sick days and more.

5) Dropbox is our go-to for making sure all employees can access the files they need, wherever they are. We love that the Saas company allows us to pay for the storage we’re using right now, so we can reduce overhead costs and remain agile. Plus, ease of use with its mobile app or on a desktop makes it a joy to work with.

Explore these links to get an idea of the features available to simplify your life and make workforce management more…manageable. And if you’re looking for a productive space for your team to get the job done, check out these flexible office space options. 🙂

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