Reliance Jio 4G upgrade offer with 10GB Download Daily

By | January 25, 2017

Even before its commercial debut, Reliance Jio had been the talk of the town, especially for freebies such as unlimited high-speed 4G internet, unlimited local and national voice and calls and access to a range of content services. Things have changed since the commercial launch, with high-speed 4G limit first cut down to 4GB per day, and now to 1GB per day. With customers wanting more free data, it provides a great opportunity for cyber criminals are trying to take an advantage of the situation by tricking them to sign up for fake offers.

The latest scam doing the rounds on social media is a trick to get daily 10GB 4G limit on your Reliance Jio connection. But beware, its a hoax that potentially puts your data at risk. The trick involves visiting an unsecured website where you are required to select your state, enter your mobile number and email address, followed by downloading an app in the second step.

Reliance Jio 4G

The problem here – the URL itself is a fake one. After putting all your details, it asks you to share with at least 10 friends and groups to upgrade Jio service, after which it will ask you to download an app. Even the bottom of the page has terms and conditions mentioning ‘Go4G is not affiliated with Reliance orJio in any way.’ Those falling prey to this hoax are not only putting their information at risk, but also sharing with friends and groups, and thus putting their data in danger too.

If you do a Google Search, there are tons of blogs that provide various tips and tricks – to speed up 4G data speed, access free internet without data plans, and much more. However, all these processes involve redirecting to insecure proxy addresses and server ports, which also gives attackers an access to your phone and the data stored in it. Sure, these tips and tricks sound exciting, but we’d highly recommend our readers to stay away from such scams and also inform family and friends about the same.

As of now, Reliance Jio customers get to enjoy ‘Happy New Year Plan’ under which you get unlimited high-speed 4G internet data with a daily cap of 1GB. After the 1GB limit is exhausted, the speed is cut down to 128Kbps, and gets refreshed post mid-night. For those who want a top-up, they can recharge with Rs 51, to get 1GB data with one-day validity, or recharge with Rs 301 that offers 6GB data and validity of 28 days.

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