How to Download Your Instagram Photos, Image on Mobile & PC

By | July 8, 2017

tens of millions of customers have uploaded tens of tens of millions of pictures to Instagram, making it the arena’s most famous picture-sharing internet site. And while you could “like” or bookmark a photo so that you can revisit it later, there’s no manner to download them for your laptop or tool.


you could have your motives for trying to download a photo. possibly you accidentally deleted the original picture of the Eiffel Tower from your Parisian vacation, and the simplest copy you’ve got left is the one you posted to Instagram. perhaps there’s a photograph which you truly love and would really like to have it as a computer wallpaper.Free Instagram Followers Generator , maybe you simply without a doubt liked a picture.

DownloadGram: Instagram Photo Downloader


Step 1: Navigate to Instagram’s website.

Step 2: Find the Instagram picture you want to save and click on the time-elapsed counter in the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Copy the photo’s URL from your browser.

Step 4: Go to DownloadGram’s website.

Step 5: Input the photo’s URL into the box with the auto-generated Instagram link.

Step 6: Click the Download button. Then, click the resulting Download Picture button to save your image.

Instagram Photos Downloader for iPhone & iOs Device DOWNLOADING IMAGES IN IOS

Step 1: Download the app from the Apple App Store.

Step 2: Make sure the Instagram app is already logged into your account (or the account you want to save a photo from).

Step 3:  Launch the app, which will be labeled as “InstaGet.”

Step 4: Tap the small Instagram logo in the upper-right corner and find the photo you want to download.

Step 5: Tap the Options button in the upper-right corner of the photo.

Step 6: Select Copy Share URL to download the photo to your camera roll.



Instasave : Instagram Photos DOWNLOADER

Step 1: Download the app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Launch the app and toggle the slider beneath the Instagram logo.

Step 3: Open Instagram and locate the photo you want to download.

Step 4: Tap the Option button in the upper-right corner of the photo.

Step 5: Select Copy Share URL to download the photo.

Instagram Photos Download on PC & Laptops

Users can also download Instagram photos on their PCs to keep a copy of the shared photos on the desktop. Note that like the apps mentioned above, this is a third-party website, and not affiliated with Instagram. To download the photos from Instagram, users will need to go to the Instaport website on their browsers of the computer.

1) Log-in to Instagram using sign-in details.

2) On signing in, users can either choose to download entire photos or just some of the select ones.

3) On selecting the photos to download, Instaport will ask for a location to keep the photos.

It’s worth noting that users will download the Instagram photos using the Instaport website in .zip files.

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