AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android : Outsmart Hackers with AVG

By | June 20, 2017

Outsmart Hackers with AVG

AVG AntiVirus FreeHackers are nasty buggers who tend to try and hack anything from laptops to smartphones. If you have a smartphone, you must take great care in order to outsmart hackers and keep your personal info safe and secure. With the best Android security of 2017, the AVG Antivirus app helps you to do just that. The antivirus for Android is easy to download and provides a number of security features to ensure that you can outsmart hackers and keep your device safe.

Quality Security Features

Once you have downloaded the Samsung antivirus, you will find that the device now has antivirus protection, anti-theft, app lock, camera trap, device lock and app backup capabilities. With these features, your mobile device will stay secure and offer you the best protection against hackers and snoopers.Get today match predictions free by expertfreetips

With the antivirus feature, the application begins protecting your smartphone the minute it is downloaded. The app runs silently to protect the mobile from viruses, malware, spyware and more. Never worry about a hacker attack as your device is fully protected.

Device Lock

Another feature of the AVG Antivirus app is the Device Lock. With this feature, your device will automatically lock if the SIM card is replaced. Once a smartphone is stolen, the thief will usually remove the SIM card to try and avoid detection. With the Device Lock in place, you will be protecting your mobile as it will automatically lock once the card is replaced. The user will then be blocked from making calls or gaining access to your private information.

PIN Code

To protect your information with daily use, choose to activate the PIN code option. A PIN code can be set by you and will see your device locked until the code is entered. This will keep any unwanted individuals from accessing your device.

With AVG Antivirus, your mobile is fully protected. Opt for the free version or upgrade to the Full Protection option for maximum protection.

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